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Fresh Wildcrafted Leeks

The Vision

In 1978, Doctor Donald Hunter acted upon his vision of a beautiful family farm with acres of the finest berries. After finding an excellent location in Fairview, PA, just west of Erie, he founded Hunter Farms. He and his family worked hard to plant, maintain, and market blueberries and raspberries, which continue to produce to this day. They found that the unique micro-climate, as well as the mineral rich clay soil, yielded berries with a distinctive fruity sweetness.

A New Era

In 1992, Dr. Hunter's nephew, Richard Hunter, pushed the farm into a new era when he transitioned the operation to become certified organic. By pursuing and attaining certification, Hunter Farms committed to third-party inspection and regulation to assure customers of the safety and quality of the crops grown. Over the years, Richard developed systems to control pests and disease, as well as build healthy soils, without using synthetic chemical inputs that harm the earth and its inhabitants. The resulting crops are better for you not only because of what is absent, but also because they draw additional nutritional value from rich, biologically diverse soil.

New Products

In 2009, in an effort to diversify and expand the farm's offerings and make use of the flowers and herbs cared for on the farm, we began handcrafting our own line of Fresh Little Farm Girl soaps and body care products. In addition to using our own certified organic ingredients, we carefully sourced additional certified organic ingredients and essential oils from trusted suppliers. Pure, fresh, and local, we think they're the best soap and body care products around.

Hunter Farms Organic CSA and Farm Store

2013 marked the inception of the Hunter Farms Organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. For twenty weeks, from mid June to late October, we provided shareholders with a wide variety of fresh, local, organic, and sustainably sourced and produced products in exchange for their upfront commitment to help sustain our farm. The program was a huge success and we're thrilled to continue growing our CSA community.

Also in 2013, we opened Hunter Farms Farm Market and Online Store. We offer all of the same great fruits, vegetables, herbs, and local products included in CSA distributions as well as an extensive array of unique, organic, local goods from the region. The list is long, but as a sampling, we're very pleased to offer maple syrup, fresh salsa, local honey, antibiotic and hormone free meats, Amish cheeses, and organic canned goods produced right here in northwest Pennsylvania.